3/4/5 Year Old Combo:  ballet, tap, and jazz combined into one hour per week 

Levels 1 - 4:  ages 6 and up with placement based on years of experience, technique, performance, and/or ability to master choreography

Adult Tap:  beginner level tap for ages 20 and up 

Tumble:  tumble skills (cartwheel, round off, back handspring, aerial, back tuck, etc.) for ages 5 and up 

Company:  designated classes for competitive level team dancers

Solo/Duet:  designated classes for competitive level team dancers

Rubies & Royals:  designated classes for current members of the KJH Rubies and MJH Royals dance teams 

Private Lessons:  available to dancers of all ages regardless of studio or school affiliation

CLICK HERE for the 2019 - 2020 CLASS SCHEDULE.