What our customers have to say...

My daughters absolutely love the staff at TNT.  Their growth has been nothing short of amazing! - S. Pyke

My daughter had been dancing for 9 years (at the same studio) and had reached a point where she did not “love” to dance anymore. Tim was a guest choreographer at our previous studio and my daughter instantly fell in love with him. At the end of the season we decided to take a leap of faith and audition for his team. Best decision ever! Everyone from the kids, to the parents, and ALL the teachers/staff are so incredibly welcoming and supportive. My daughter has found her love and passion for dance again and it is the best feeling ever! Did I mention we drive 2 hours one way to dance at TNT? Worth every minute of the drive! We LOVE TNT! - S. Brunson

My daughter loves dancing at TNT.  She loves the friends she’s made and that her teachers “are so nice and help her to become a better dancer”. – J. DeShane

We love it at TNT!  We love the way they spread love equally to all the dancers. All of the teachers make the dancers feel special in their own way.  Because of the love and support TNT shows, I see my daughter regaining all the confidence she had lost. – R. Johnson